A man and his brother were walking down the street early one morning in New Jersey last week when a police officer approached and began harassing them for videotaping him.

The man said that Seaside Heights police officers not only snatched his iPhone from him, but that they handcuffed and beat up his brother on the street, then again later in jail.

The man, whose name is Chris, sent an email to Cop Block along with his video.

The video doesn’t show the beating, but it clearly shows an Officer Anderson storming up to the videographer and demanding he stop recording.

“Did I tell you to put the phone down?”

Anderson then tries to snatch the phone from him, but Chris holds on to it.

“First of all, don’t videotape me,” Anderson says.

“You’re not allowed to videotape me …. I’m going to take the phone,” Anderson continues.

At this point, Anderson apparently has the phone because the video goes dark, but you can still hear their voices.

Anderson is asking him for his identification with Chris asking if he has committed a crime.

Another officer is heard threatening to arrest Chris for “hindering an investigation.”

Then Chris’ brother is heard trying to intervene for his brother. And then it sounds like somebody in a car has stopped to watch the exchange because one of the cops tells them to go home.

Then the video cuts out.

According to Cop Block, a couple of officers named Sasso and Rodriguez were also involved in the incident.

Here’s how Chris explained it to Cop Block:

Me and my brother were walking on the boulevard right off the boardwalk. A police car pulled up by us about 20 yards away so I pulled out my phone ready to film. Nothing happened after standing there for a minute so we started walking away. We were about 35 yards away when the cop got out of his car and told us to stop. This is when I pulled my phone back out and started recording the officer walking up to me. He quickly took my phone and violated my rights. Me and my brother were separated. He was handcuffed peacefully a short while later. Eventually he was thrown to the ground and beat. I continued to be harrassed for not giving my ID and was told I would be arrested if I didnt hand it over. I handed it over without consent after a very long time asking what crime I commited. I continued to be harrassed and after a while they gave me a ticket for public nuisance and my brother was arrested for aggravated assault. He was taken away and subsequently beat in jail. We got him out on 25000 bond the next day at the county jail. He has marks and scratches all over his body. He also broke his nose. After all was said and done I asked Officer Anderson for his badge number but he told me I better leave and refused.

UPDATE: I was just reminded of another video that emerged earlier this year of cops from Wildwood, another New Jersey beachtown, threatening to arrest a man for videotaping them.

Here’s the first comment that was left on PINAC on the first video.

The biggest problem with Jersey Shore Cops is that the vast majority of them are Part Timers who are hired for the Summer Season only. They include Teachers, folks vying for Full Time and assorted Locals.

The crème de la crème they are not.

And here is the first comment on this video.

Seaside Heights or what is commonly called sleazeside. Has a practice of hiring summer help that is less then qualified for the job in my opinion. They are officers in training. They get a job at sleezside so that they can get a job somewhere else.

Sounds like these towns are just ripe for a civil lawsuit against them.