Parents are panicking again over a man with a camera photographing their children in a public park in Michigan.

And, of course, the television news is all over it, warning parents that a bespectacled man in his 60s with a long lens might be photographing their kids. And even going as far as putting their photos on the internet.

Police have even issued alerts, which means it’s only a matter of time they catch up to this dangerous culprit with his camera

The man told concerned parents that he has no kids on the playground, but he is just a hobbyist.

That was enough to deem him suspicious, even though there is no evidence where he tried to approach or even talk to the kids.

Nevertheless, Local 10 was all over the story, trying to determine if there was a “sinister element” to it all.

One mother interviewed said that the only people allowed to photograph kids are parents. Anybody else would be considered creepy.