I wonder how many Los Angeles photographers would be willing to meet up with their video and still cameras and pay this Venice Beach vendor a visit.

The vendor was selling his art on the boardwalk when Jeff Girard came walking up with his video camera, working on an unrelated documentary, inadvertently recording the man’s art.

The vendor immediately ordered him to stop recording.

Girard told him he had every right to continue recording as he kept walking past the art table. 

The man then stormed up to Girard and got in his face, daring him to continue shooting before knocking the camera from his hand.

The entire exchange lasted 17 seconds.

According to Girard’s Youtube description:

After we exchange heated words, he grabs my camera and throws it. I did not have my cell phone on me to call the police. I don’t have footage of it, but after picking up my camera, I resumed filming (or so I thought) and the vendor continued to harass me and he took my camera again and threw it once more.

After getting my camera a second time, we were face to face and about to throw punches. Another vendor nearby intervened and stopped things from escalating.

Man, if that happened to me, it would have been hard not to punch the guy out.

The vendor deserves to be arrested. But Girard didn’t get a good shot of him in the clip to identify him.

That’s why it would be great to see some L.A. photographers teach him a lesson.

UPDATE: I ended up communicating with Girard through Facebook and it turns out, the above incident took place in May. Yes, I know, I should have checked the date.

He ended up going back to the scene and the guy was no longer at the table, but another guy was, who didn’t have a problem with him recording.

He also posted this video where he goes on a rant about the vendors on Venice Beach.

Girard, who has been living in his car for several months after losing his job, is producing a series of videos about this.