We all know audio recording a cop in Chicago can send you to prison for up to 15 years under an absurd state wiretapping law.

But taking a picture of a cop in the Land of Lincoln has never been illegal.

However, that didn’t stop a pair of Chicago police officers from harassing, intimidating, threatening and choking a citizen after he snapped a photo of them dragging another man from their squad car last December.

Chicago resident Brad Williams filed a federal lawsuit against the police department last Friday.

According to WLS AM 690 in Chicago:

Brad Williams was standing on the front porch of his home when he saw the driver of a Chicago Police car reach his arm out the window and grab a man walking alongside the car and drag him down the street, according to a suit filed in U.S. District Court.

Williams took a photo of the incident and the driver’s partner exited the vehicle and approached, telling him it was illegal to photograph the police and he did not want to be on YouTube, the suit claims. He threatened to arrest William and made physical threats before leaving to help his partner, who was now searching the man who was dragged.

Both officers then returned to Williams, and verbally and physically assaulted him, the suit said. They handcuffed him and grabbed him by the throat.

Williams’ mother tried to open the door and an officer held it shut, then let go of it, causing her to stumble through the door and fall to the ground, the suit claims. Williams’ mother was recently hospitalized, partly due to the fall, for eight days, the suit said.

Williams was placed in the squad car for more than a 30 minutes, and was told by a sergeant that he should respect the police and not take photos of officers, the suit claims. He was told that one day he might need police to protect him, and was then released.