You would think that Ohio democrats would have learned a valuable lesson from Ohio republican Steve Chabot after he had police confiscate cameras from citizens recording a town hall meeting last month.

But that would be asking too much from our elected officials.

Maggi Cook, a republican blogger from Ohio was video recording a woman who appears to be Alicia Reece, a democratic state representative.

I say appears because Cook didn’t bother identifying the woman at the podium in her Youtube description.

However, the woman who confronted her, ordering her to stop recording identified herself as Bernadette Watson, a former Cincinnati councilwoman who became Reece’s campaign manager last year.

Judging by Reece’s pictures found on Google, it appears to be the same woman at the podium. Also, Reece was scheduled to host a town hall meeting Thursday to discuss issues pertaining to black constituents.

Cook is white. Watson and Reece are black. So naturally, Cook’s supporters are crying racism. Or reverse racism.

I’m just going to call it ignorance.