The case against Chris Geo, who was arrested in August after video recording in front of a FEMA warehouse, was dismissed last week.

Geo, who operates Truth Frequency News, had been charged with failure to comply with a federal officer after he refused to provide his identification.

He skillfully prepared his own defense, filing a motion to dismiss, which was granted.

I pointed out the procedure DHS is supposed to follow when encountering  a person filming a Federal Building and demonstrated how the officer did not follow the set policy. Furthermore, I pointed out the law in the memo that states it is not illegal for a person to film a Federal Building. The probable cause statement went on to further state that the officer asked me repeatedly for my drivers license and arrested me for refusing to present it. I pointed out that there is no State, Federal or local law requiring a person to even have a drivers license, much less present it on demand. I also pointed out that the officer gave no indication that the encounter had escalated from a voluntary field interview to a Terry Stop as outlined by Terry vs. Ohio because the officer did not give indication of reasonable suspicion or probable cause despite my many inquiries. I then pointed out that even if the officer had reasonable suspicion or probable cause to arrest me that there is still no requirement for a person to show their identification and all that is required is for the person to verbally give his/her name.

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