A Miami police officer was running late to his off-duty job, so he drove his squad car at speeds of more than 120 mph, refusing to stop for a Florida Highway Patrol officer who was trying to pull him over.

Miami police officer Fausto Lopez eventually stopped seven minutes after the trooper turned on her lights.

A dash cam video shows FHP trooper D.J. Watts approaching Lopez’s car with her gun drawn. She then handcuffs him and calls for backup.

Lopez was cited for reckless driving and released, according to the Miami Herald. He remains on active duty.

Hopefully, Watts won’t get retaliated against for daring to pull over another cop.

The incident took place on October 11 in Broward County, indicating that Lopez not only lives in Broward but takes his squad car home with him.

Two months ago, Local 10 news did an expose on Miami-Dade police officers who live outside the county and and take their cars home, costing taxpayers $8 million.

UPDATE: I just included a new version of the video that is unedited and includes sound.

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