A student journalist documenting the arrests of Occupy Rochester protesters Friday night was arrested himself, even though he clearly identified himself as a journalist.

Jonathan Foster, 20, was even wearing a shirt that said “Reporter,” showing he was on assignment for Reporter Magazine, the weekly publication from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

I contacted Foster for an interview on Saturday, but he didn’t want to go on the record.

However, he gave an interview to a local news station, which you can see in the video above starting at 1:28.

Rochester police arrested 32 people altogether, mostly because they refused to leave Washington Square Park by the 11 p.m. curfew.

It was the first time police in New York enforced a curfew on Occupy protesters.

It may also be the first time since the Occupy protests started springing up around the country that the city’s police chief was making the actual arrests.

Rochester Police Chief James Sheppard even arrested Emily Good, the woman who made international headlines this year when she was arrested for video recording a cop from her front yard.

The protesters returned to the park Saturday night, remaining until midnight when police ordered them to leave.

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