While I support the ongoing activism springing up around the country, I really can’t stand when activists believe they have the authority to prevent others from video recording them.

This usually happens when they believe the videographer doesn’t agree with their political stance.

It ends up making them look stupid, naive and hypocritical. After all, the First Amendment doesn’t just apply to them.

On Saturday, Adam Kokesh, the Iraq veteran turned activist journalist, was video recording a gathering of Occupy D.C. activists when they asked him to stop.

He asserted his rights and continue recording, so a couple of them stood with their backs in front of the camera, trying to prevent him from recording.

This led to an interesting discussion between Kokesh and an activist who also described himself as an independent journalist.

The man told Kokesh that he was being disrespectful to continue recording because they had asked him to stop.

He then tried to belittle Kokesh by asking him if he believes citizens automatically give consent to being filmed as soon as they step out of their house, oblivious to the fact that is the precise moment they waive their consent.

Kokesh’s friend said something about it being that way in Texas, which prompted the jackass to shrug and say the following:

“This isn’t Texas, this isn’t the south, this isn’t where you can just do shit because you feel like it.”

Like video recording in public?

He obviously is unaware that there are more surveillance cameras in Washington D.C. than probably the entire south.

He then goes on to accuse Kokesh of being a republican, which really doesn’t make a difference as to whether or not he had the right to record.

I’m not sure what Kokesh’s party affiliation is, but he is huge Ron Paul supporter. He also participated in the dancing at the Jefferson Memorial protest earlier this year.

Today, as I was covering the Occupy Miami general assembly, I was accused of being a right-winger after I recorded a man’s shirt that stated “Don’t Trust the Corporate Media.”

Anybody who knows me knows that I’m anything but a right-winger, not that it would make a difference. I’ll be mentioning that incident in my update of Occupy Miami for Miami Beach 411. Read my initial story on it here.