With so many offshoots of the Occupy Wall Street movement springing up throughout the United States, you would think those activists would look towards the New York group for guidance.

Especially when dealing with reporters and photographers.

But as we’ve seen, there has been hostility from some of the other Occupy activists towards photographers.

In New York, it’s been the other way around, especially in an incident on Friday where a group of protesters protected a photographer from getting arrested. One of them even earned a beatdown and arrest by police for his efforts.

According to CNN:

A brief scuffle broke out after a plainclothes police officer asked a photojournalist to move. He did, but the officer gave him a slight push and the photojournalist objected.

The officer called for assistance and a crowd gathered around the photojournalist to protect him from arrest. One of the protesters surrounding the journalist was thrown to the ground by police and taken away in handcuffs.

It is true there was an incident invovling an Occupy Wall Street protester dumping powder on Fox News reporter Geraldo Rivera, but that protester was immediately berated by other protesters, most who have not appreciated the condesending coverage from Fox.


Occupy Wall Street protesters also taunted Geraldo by chanting “Fox News lies!” as he was trying to report live from the scene, but there was no physical threats or intimidation.

And let’s face it, Fox News does lie.

But Occupy Wall Street protesters know the cameras are their only defense against police brutality as we saw in the Tony Baloney incident.

New York City Police Commander Anthony Bologna was the cop who was caught twice on video pepper spraying protesters who posed no threat to him or other officers. In fact, he ended up pepper spraying his own officers in the process.

For his valiant efforts, he lost ten vacation days and placed on desk duty. Yes, a slap on the wrist but without the cameras, he would still be pepper spraying protesters.