A Pennsylvania cop told a Ron Paul supporter that he would arrest him on wiretapping charges if he continued recording him.

The only problem is, Pennsylvania’s wiretapping law has an expectation of privacy provision, which means the cop was just talking out of his ass.

But as we know, that’s nothing new.

The incident took place on Monday in Exton, which is just outside of Philadelphia, a city whose police chief recently issued a memo reminding his officers that citizens are allowed to record them.

Obviously, that memo never reached Exton.

A group of Ron Paul supporters were holding up signs on a busy street corner. One of them was standing in the median, which prompted the cop’s attention.

The cop told him he was not allowed to stand on the median because it created a “blind spot” for drivers.

Then when he learned he was being recorded, he began threatening the videographer with arrest if he did not delete the footage.

The videographer turned it off, but did not delete it, allowing us to see the cop acting like a douchebag.