As more citizens were arrested for silently video recording assembly proceedings inside the Wisconsin State Capitol this week, legislators were drafting new rules that would allow guns inside that same chamber.

Republican Representative Robin Vos failed to see the contradiction in these policies.

After all, he told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, citizens are still allowed to walk into the capitol with cameras. They are just not allowed to use them to record public officials.

The same goes for guns. Just because they will be allowed to sit in an assembly session with loaded AR-15s under their coat doesn’t give them the right to open fire on public officials.

No matter how stupid they get.

The new policy is being developed by Republican Governor Scott Walker, who is also the subject of a recall drive.

The arrests in the above video took place on Tuesday, according to Arthur Kohl-Riggs, who recorded the arrests – including a male cop groping a female – and who was arrested himself last week for recording a public meeting.

As I explained in this post, Wisconsin state law permits the recording of public officials but capitol assembly rules do not.

Members of the group were also arrested for holding up signs, which is also a big no-no in the state capitol.

Next time they should just walk in with loaded guns and stare down the politicians over their petty house rules.

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