Arthur Kohl-Riggs who has documented several arrests of citizens getting arrested for shooting video during a Wisconsin State Assembly session, was arrested himself last week for the same thing.

While escorting him out of the chambers, the Capitol police office shoved him to the ground, claiming Kohl-Riggs had been resisting arrest.

But a video shot by another activist shows that Kohl-Riggs was merely asserting his right to videotape as well as pointing out the irony that the cop was also recording from a camera on his uniform.

While Wisconsin law states that it is legal to record a public meeting, assembly rules state that only credentialed journalists are allowed to record.

Kohl-Riggs did have credentials from a radio station he sometimes works for, but he was not working for them at the time.

Nevertheless, the Wisconsin Capitol Correspondents Association, which is made up of mainstream media reporters, revoked his credentials the following day.

“They have a vested interest in me not being there,” he said in an interview with Photography is Not a Crime Monday.

“They don’t want blogs and citizen media to have the same access as they do.”

Kohl-Riggs was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest and released without getting incarcerated.

“They booked me right there in the capitol,” he said.

Kohl-Riggs, 23, began carrying a camera into the capitol after participating in the massive demonstrations earlier this year where thousands of protesters occupied the capitol in response to severe budget cuts, which served as a precursor to the ongoing Occupy Wall Street protests.

In May, he had a run-in with a capitol staff photographer for recording inside the capitol.

He runs the Facebook page called Shit Scott Walker Is Doing To My State where he criticizes the current governor, who has proven to being one of the most divisive in state history.