The UMass Lowell cop who told a student recording him to “shut that fucking thing off before I slap you” has been disciplined.

But it is not clear just how he was disciplined.

Cop Block contributor Dr. Q has been in contact with UMass Lowell Police Chief Randolph Brashears, who confirmed the officer was disciplined.

Brashears even identified the cop, which is something many departments will not do.

But he has not provided details on just how officer Norberto Melendez was disciplined.

However, Dr. Q is being persistent about the matter.

Unless he is transparent enough to say how the officer will be disciplined, there’s no reason for us to believe that he has actually done anything. Even if the officer is disciplined, we can’t gauge whether the discipline was appropriate unless we know how he was disciplined.

Since I believe that Chief Brashears hasn’t been sufficiently transparent about this incident, I decided to send a public records request to his department. I sent out two copies of the request. One was a physical copy that I sent through traditional mail. The other was an electronic copy that I sent via email.

We’ll keep you posted.