Everybody wants to be a hero. And that is especially true when Joey Boots shows up with his camera attempting to record some damsel in distress in New York City.

Last year it was the ballerina doing a leg split in Times Square.

Today, it was some chick passed out on the sidewalk outside Zuccotti Park.

Boots moved in to record the scene as paramedics kneeled over her treating her and was immediately berated by the crowd hovering around her, ordering him to “leave her alone.”

He was confronted by at least two men, including a guy wearing some type of furry circus hat who took a swing at him.

Boots, who weighs more than 300 pounds, refrained from hitting him back. As tempting as it was to knock that hat off his head.

Somebody, maybe the same guy, also keeps sticking a large mirror in front of Boots’ camera.

Evidentally, it was not such a private matter where any stranger could just stand around the passed-out girl and gawk. You just couldn’t video record her.

Boots, who was arrested earlier this year for video recording armed soldiers inside a subway station, was eventually cleared of those charges.

Boots has produced a whole range of videos documenting street life in New York City. This video was no different, except for the assholes harassing him.

UPDATE: Joey Boots just sent me the following details to further explains the actions in the video.

Girl was passed out and when started filming members of crowd started shouting not to film her, at occupy wall street of all places where everyone has a camera, and i was aggressively pushed and blocked. The guy wit the full length mirror and fuzzy hat, one in the same, kept pushing on me with his mirror so i at first grabbed his face and squeezed it like a pimple and the second time as can be seen i the video i quickly smacked the bitch. The second guy, fat guy in glasses, after i walked away from him grabbed my camera strap from behind and strted chokig me with it at which point i stopped shooting and turned and punched him in the face.