A man who was arrested for recording a group of Boston police officers beating on his friend filed a federal lawsuit today.

Maury Paulino claims that the officers turned on him when they noticed him recording; one of them punching him, kneeing him and pepper spraying him in the face while the others watched.

Paulino was charged with felony wiretapping along with assault and battery on a police officer, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest in the 2009 incident.

The wiretapping charge was quickly dropped and he beat the other charges in court.

Boston police, who have a history of arresting people who record them, say they have been trying to clean up their act.

According to the Boston Globe:

In a statement, Boston police said that since last year, all officers have received training on the issue of citizens openly recording them with electronic devices, which is permissible under state law.

“The training bulletin created for officers in summary reinforces that public and open recordings is allowed under the wiretap statute,” the statement read. “There is no right of arrest for public and open recordings under this statute.”

Paulino’s video of the incident is posted above.


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