Remember back in August when Miami Beach police issued a policy to its officers explaining just how they’re supposed to deal with citizens who record in public?

Well, at least one cop didn’t get the memo.

Longtime Photography is Not a Crime reader Craig Schlesinger, who operates Spatial Orientation, was on Miami Beach today when police began closing off streets in an attempt to track down a suspect, whom they had shot at, but missed, allowing him to run off.

Naturally, many citizens began pulling out cameras, including Schlesinger. An officer then came along and told him to either step inside a building or leave the immediate area.

Fair enough. Perhaps the suspect was still at large, so police didn’t want citizens milling about in case gunfire was exchanged.

Schlesinger, being a curious PINAC follower, asked what was going on and the cop responded by saying:

“I can’t talk about it. Stop videotaping and go inside.”

Our first impression is how dare him tell Schlesinger to stop videotaping? But maybe he just meant for him to go inside, then videotape all he wants.

Either way, we got photos of the suspect. A Miami Beach 411 member who goes by “northeast” was on the scene and got the only photos I’ve seen so far of the suspect.


Great job from two citizen journalists. Just goes to show you that cameras are everywhere.

The story is still developing.