An Oakland police officer fired a rubber bullet at a man who was video recording a line of cops during an Occupy Oakland protest, proving once again they will stop at nothing to escalate tensions with the activists.

Scott Campbell, the man who was shot, uploaded the video to Youtube on Saturday, but the incident took place early Thursday morning after the general strike Wednesday.

The cop who fired the rubber bullet was one of many dressed in indistinguishable riot gear.

Chances are, black tape was covering his name tag.

Unfortunately, this type of behavior is not isolated.

In 2003, police in Miami fired several rubber bullets at an attorney, then laughed abou it as you can see in the video below.

In recent weeks, the Oakland Police Department has been exposed as one of the most violent and aggressive in the nation.

It has essentially declared a full-out war on Occupy Oakland protesters, using flash grenades, tear gas and rubber bullets on protesters.

Two Iraq veterans have been hospitalized as a result of their actions – or at least by the actions of police departments working under their authority during a mutual aid effort.

Because these officers have proven to do all they can to make themselves indistinguishable to one another, it’s impossible to tell which agency is doing what during the heavy-handed crackdown against protesters.

On Saturday, the Oakland Police Department settled a lawsuit where a man ended up with broken teeth during a traffic stop.

The city of Oakland has agreed to pay $22,000 to a man who said several police officers broke his teeth while arresting him after a traffic stop.

Desmond Dickerson of Hayward was stopped by Officer Jason Mitchell for running a stop sign and playing music too loud at 60th and Avenal avenues Jan. 30, 2008, city officials said.

Dickerson, then 24, was “yanked out of the car” by at least one officer who handcuffed him and slammed his head into the hood of his car and the ground, according to the suit Dickerson filed in U.S. District Court in San Francisco last year.

The impact broke two teeth and cut his lip in two places, Dickerson said.