One thing about the Occupy movement is that it doesn’t take much to separate the idiots from the rest of the pack.

All you have to do is point a camera in their direction to see who comes forward with threats of legal repurcussions or actual physical assaults.

The latest incident took place at an Occupy Calgary with an activist named James Bullock and a videographer named Cory Morgan.

“If you ever publish this, have a fun time listening to my lawyers,” Bullock tells Morgan.

“It will be online this afternoon,” Morgan responds calmly.

“If I find out it is online this afternoon ……….,” Bullock continues, unable to find the words to complete his threat.

It’s easy to get pissed off at Bullock, especially considering how many videos we’ve seen of activists confronting videographers.

But Bullock apparently has some personal issues as he ackowledges in this article.

So maybe we shouldn’t be so hard on him.