Here’s a seven-minute video that should have been just one minute.

And that one minute doesn’t start until six minutes into the video when a tough-talking Occupy DC activist threatens to destroy the camera held by Adam Kokesh’s videographer.

Kokesh was on hand doing his usual job of trying to discredit the Occupy movement, which of course, is his journalistic right.

Kokesh’s beef with the Occupy movement is that they are not hellbent on electing Ron Paul as president as he is. So he does all he can to try to paint the activists as Stalinistic political ignoramuses.

And as we see in the final minute of the video, that is not hard to do.

Kokesh’s issues with the Occupy DC activists began a month ago when they tried to block him from recording their general assembly in a public park.

He was also one of the activists arrested last summer for dancing in the Jefferson Memorial.

In 2008, he was detained for trying to video record a traffic stop in Washington D.C.

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