Daily Caller reporter Michelle Fields was not arrested, but ended up getting shoved to the ground by NYPD officers during Thursday’s demonstration.

The incident was caught on video, including a segment where she was helped by Occupy Wall Street activists, who walked her away from the scene and tried to calm the obviously distraught journalist.

The Daily Caller then posted the video on their site to show their readers what took place.

While it doesn’t appear she was singled out for being a reporter, it is obvious she was trying to get the story, which sometimes can be dangerous.

But the video did not muster an ounce of sympathy from their readers.

Why? Because the Daily Caller is a right-wing publication and Occupy Wall Street is a left-wing movement.

And nothing displays human ignorance more than political extremism.

Below is a screen shot of a few comments, including the embarrasing comment from Flyovercountry who attempts to give the others a history lesson on how our founding fathers gave us the right to peaceful assemble before he criticized the occupiers for assembling without a permit.

And here’s the story from Think Progress, a left-wing publication, in case you want to see what their commenters had to say.