There’s nothing like the holiday season to bring out the worst in people. Especially when it comes to saving a few bucks on Black Friday.

This year was no different, maybe even the most violent to date, with at least two shootings, two pepper spray incidents, two tasering incidents and one man getting his face bashed in by police after he was suspected of shoplifting.

The latter incident, which took place in a Walmart in Buckeye, Arizona, was captured in the above video and shows a 54-year-old man unconcsious lying in a pool of his own blood.

According to Fox News, Jerald Allen Newman may not have even been shoplifting.

The man’s wife and other witnesses say that Newman was trying to help his young grandson after the boy was trampled by shoppers, and only put a video game in his waistband to free his hands to help the boy.

If it’s true he was shoplifting, then police should have waited until he was outside the store to apprehend him.

Here are six steps that should be followed to avoid a false arrest claim, according to the Crime Doctor site.

  1. You must see the shoplifter approach the merchandise
  2. You must see the shoplifter select the merchandise
  3. You must see the shoplifter conceal, convert or carry away the merchandise
  4. You must maintain continuous observation of the shoplifter
  5. You must observe the shoplifter fail to pay for the merchandise
  6. You must apprehend the shoplifter outside the store

Most of the other incidents around the country also took place in Walmart.

In Southern California, a woman shot out streams of pepper spray in a Walmart to keep rival customers away from products she wanted to buy, injuring 20 people.

She left the store without being apprehended.

In Northern California, a Walmart shopper was critically wounded outside the store after a man opened fire in an attempt to rob merchandise.

In North Carolina, a Walmart shopper was also shot outside the store after shopping for Christmas merchandise.

Also in North Carolina, a cop working security for Walmart unleashed his pepper spray on a man who may not even done anything wrong.

Angel Bunting, who was shopping at the store, said a man fell into a display as people lined up for discounted cell phones. She said she believed it was an accident but security thought there was a fight.

About 20 people, including children, were affected by the pepper spray, she alleged, but that couldn’t be confirmed.

In Rome, New York, a man was arrested after a fight broke out in Walmart seconds after they opened its doors.

In Wyoming, police fired a Taser round for “crowd control” in a Walmart where people were getting antsy for merchandise. Nobody was injured.

In Connecticut, a Walmart shopper was Tasered and arrested after getting in a fight with other customers.

In Alabama, a Walmart shopper was also Tasered and arrested

In Central Florida, a man was arrested after getting in a fight near the jewelry counter of a Walmart.

So far, the most interesting video to emerge from all this madness is the one above from Arizona that shows a man lying in a pool of blood after police body slammed him.

Two years ago, Walmart banned journalists from entering their stores to cover the insanity.

That same year, a Photography is Not a Crime reader submitted this video from a South Florida Walmart depicting the chaos that they did not want you to see.

Here’s a video from a Wisconsin Walmart on this Black Friday where a guy is going around interviewing people with a camera before somebody off camera demands to know why he is recording.

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