It what should have been an open-and-shut case, a Las Vegas police officer who beat and arrested a man for video recording him was fired – eight months after he was first placed on paid administrative leave.

In other words, an eight-month paid vacation at the expense of taxpayers.

Derek Colling already had a history of violence – having shot and killed two people in just over five years – when he confronted Michael Crooks who was video recording from his front yard last March.

Colling ordered him to stop recording. Crooks asserted his right to continue recording.

After a few words, Colling pounced on him, arresting him for battery on a police officer and obstruction of justice, claiming that Crooks had attacked him.

Fortunately, Colling did not have enough sense to delete the video that proved he was a liar.

But it’s still alarming that it took eight months to fire him.