A Youtube video that recorded police shooting a man to death outside a fast food restaurant in California is raising all kinds of questions.

Police were called to the scene after the man had used a crow-bar like object to shatter the windows at a Carl’s Jr. in Monterey Park.

Steven Rodriguez, 22, then stepped inside the restaurant, prompting customers to evacuate.

Then he stepped outside where he was confronted by three officers, including one who shot him with a taser gun.

But that didn’t seem to faze him as all he did was pull the darts out of his body, according to NBC Los Angeles.

He then appeared to lunge towards the officer in a threatening manner, but the video is hard to make out because it was shot behind a windshield covered in raindrops.

The video has received more than 500,000 page views and more than 12,000 comments even though it was uploaded two days ago.

The main criticism against the cops is that the officer shot him five times, then pumped him with an additional five bullets, which comes across as overkill.

Many are suggesting the cop should only have shot him in the leg or something.

But having covered the cop beat for so many years at newspapers, I know that cops are trained to kill. They are trained to shoot until the threat has been completely disabled.

That’s still not to say that perhaps they could have found another way to apprehend the man.

But then again, it is never wise to make even a hint of a threat to officers because that gives them the green light to kill you