Hector Nunez, the Massachusetts man who said he was assaulted last week by police who barged into his home without permission, received another visit from police officers Saturday night.

This time he refused to open the door, turning on his camera to capture the entire conversation.

The Haverhill police officers remained outside his door for more than 40 minutes, telling Nunez they needed to check on the welfare of his wife, who was telling them that she was okay.

He didn’t open the door until a couple of his relatives arrived.

In the video, he doesn’t open the door until the 11:24 mark, so if you get bored of staring at a door knob while hearing the back and forth between Nunez and the cops, just fast forward.

When he did open the door, the one cop was extremely cordial and professional. You almost feel sorry for the guy that he was kept waiting for more than 40 minutes.

The cop even acknowledged that Nunez had the right to record him.

But it was only last week that cops entered his house without permission, then threatened to arrest him for recording them.

So it’s understandable why Nunez would be a little hesitant to open the door.

Nunez said an ongoing dispute between himself and his downstairs neighbor is the reason behind all the complaints against him.

This is how he described it in the Youtube description:

Police came to my home after being called by a neighbor. My wife and I were getting ready for bed. We attempted to explained to the police officers on call that our neighbors have a long history of fraudulent calls to police, due to past interventions with said neighbors.

The officers are caught on camera escalating the issue into a domestic dispute, when their was no such events occurring. The officers could be heard using a standard issued door-pump in an attempt to illegally open our door. Although we did nothing wrong, the officers refused to leave. Citing that an officer supposedly over heard us arguing. My brother and his wife rescued us from what could have potentially been a really bad end to a productive day. The officers said that we were heard by them in an argument, although we weren’t doing such thing. This has to stop. The police that enforce law in my city need to start investigate the citizens being cited in a fashion that is thorough, progressive, and lawful. My neighbor, who called the police should have been questioned as to why they continuously call law enforcement to my home. I believe the police officers need to be brought to justice for their false claims. The officers repeatedly state that we were over heard having an argument, although the disturbance call was a fictional tale conjured up by our disgruntled neighbors.