Knowing there were countless citizens with cameras during the Occupy Oakland protests last year, Oakland police officer John Hargraves tried his best to keep his name out of the spotlight.

He even went as far as covering his name tag with a piece of black tape.

But it was a citizen camera that exposed him, putting his commanding officer on the spot, forcing him to remove the tape from his name tag.

It was an embarrassing video that revealed the mindset of the Oakland Police Department, which had proven to be the most aggressive police force in the country during the nationwide protests.

But now Hargraves and his supervisor have been disciplined.

According to The Bay Citizen:

The department suspended Officer John Hargraves for 30 days for covering his name badge with a piece of black tape, a violation of California law. Lieutenant Clifford Wong was demoted to sergeant for failing to properly report the incident, according to police sources.

It is a justified discipline for both officers, especially considering the history of abuse allegations against the police department.

Hopefully, it sends out a message to other officers who cover their names or worse, arrest people for asking their names.

And once again, it shows the importance of not only carrying your camera, but not being afraid to use it.

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