A San Diego news videographer was arrested Saturday and had his $40,000 camera confiscated, preventing him from doing his job until he gets it back.

Edward Baier, who freelances for various news stations in San Diego, was following a story on the scanner in which police were chasing a suspect.

The suspect ended up jumping into the San Diego River where he disappeared underwater and did not come back up until a bystander jumped in and pulled him out.

The bystander then proceeded to give him CPR, according to Mickey Osterreicher, general consul for the National Press Photographers Association, who sent out a letter of protest to the San Diego police chief today.

“The cops told him to move back, which he did, then they set up the tape and the public was allowed to remain inside the tape,” Osterreicher said, adding that Baier is an NPPA member.

When Baier began making an issue about this, he was arrested on a charge of resisting arrest.

I just got off the phone with Baier but he declined to comment until he spoke with his attorney.

Read Osterreicher’s letter here.

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