An Oklahoma 9th-grade student was suspended for snapping a photo of a napping substitute teacher because the school has a zero-tolerance policy for the use of electronic devices during school hours.

So obviously if that same teacher was having a heart attack, students should refrain from calling 911.

The incident took place last Friday at Mustang Mid-High School in Mustang.

It is not clear if the teacher was disciplined for sleeping on the job.

UPDATE: Since posting this story, Facebook friend and Photography is Not a Crime reader Heide Buescher Stevenson said the same thing happened to her daughter at Petaluma Junior High in Petaluma, California last year.

This is how she explained it:

My daughter (7th grade) was suspended for 3 days in California for the same thing. She and several other students were shocked to find their teacher sleeping after administering a test. She told me about it when she got home and I had her delete the photo because I didn’t want her sending it around. I called the school to discuss the matter and the result was her suspension. I was in total disbelief.

Not only did they suspend her but she was not allowed to make up any assignments during the suspension. Needless to say, it also carried serious consequences for her grades. It was absurd and over reactive at best. The teacher received zero consequences for sleeping through half his class.

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