A Transportation Security Administration air marshal was arrested for slapping an Occupy Boston activist, then stealing her iPhone after she video recorded him.

Adam Marshall, 29, was arrested December 10, but the incident is just coming to light now after it was written about in Wired.

Obviously, somebody did their best to keep his real occupation under wraps, even though he admitted he was a federal agent at the time of his arrest.

But his behavior was so erratic, nobody believed him.

They should have known better.

“He turned around and grabbed the phone with his right hand, and he hit her with his left hand,” Filler said. With that, he took off running. He was chased by the occupiers and was arrested by Boston police in minutes. He threw her phone into a tent while being chased. Jacks chose to press charges.

“When he was getting into the (police) car he alternated between saying ‘I’m a UMass (University of Massachusetts) student!’ and ‘I’m a federal agent!’,” Jacks said, adding she thought it sounded hilarious at the time. Many of the occupiers, and possibly a few police, laughed at Marshall’s assertion.

As a federal air marshal, Marshall’s job is to fly armed and in plainclothes on commercial flights, supposedly ensuring the safety of passengers.

But on the night of his arrest, he picked a fight with Occupy Boston activists, calling a group of women prostitues, which is why one of them pulled out her iPhone to record him.

Even though he was charged with robbery, he apparently is still on the TSA payroll, possibly still on duty.

All TSA will say is that he is under investigation.

Wired reports that he listed his employer as Homeland Security on his LinkedIn page, but that page has since been removed.

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