At first, I sympathized with the Univision news crew when the annoying Ron Paul supporter insisted on sticking his sign in their shot.

But that lasted a few seconds until the Univision news videographer, carrying a large camera on his shoulder, informed the Ron Paul supporter that he did not have the right to record them.

A woman who apparently also works at Univision told the Ron Paul supporter that it was “illegal” to record them with his camera.

The cameraman even went as far as asking a Miami police officer to order him to stop recording them.

And fortunately, the cop straight-out told him he was not going to stop him from recording.

The cop did try to steer the Ron Paul supporter away from the news crew so they could complete their live shot without his distracting sign in the background.

And that, of course, will lead many Ron Paul supporters to cry out conspiracy against their candidate.

But it wouldn’t have been any different had he been supporting any other candidate.

The sad part about this video is that the media really did believe that it was illegal to record them without getting permission. It’s been my experience that many in the mainstream media are pretty much clueless to the actual laws.

You should see some emails I’ve exchanged with reporters in the mainstream media over the years where they were trying to educate me in what I write about daily.

Univision purchased my footage of the arrests at Florida International University last week and even asked if I would be interested in stringing for them, which I am.

But I can’t let the potential of that deal prevent me from calling them out on the ignorance of some of their employees.

There’s always going to be some asshole trying to screw up your shot. I like the way this guy handled it.

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