I’ve spent the last few days at the New Hampshire Liberty Forum where I spoke in front of a room full of people Saturday.

Several people were recording the talk, including a group working on a documentary movie about activists who promised to send me the video of me, which I will eventually post here for those that are interested.

I was also interviewed in person on Free Talk Radio, a first for me, even though I’ve been interviewed in the past by them through phone.

My first caller turned out to be Jimmy Justice, a man who’s not only been featured on Photography is Not a Crime but on The Colbert Report as well as you can see in the video below.

You can listen to my radio segment here. I come after the two minute mark in the clip.

I also got to listen to a heartfelt talk by Jodie Emory, wife of Marc Emory, who is serving a five-year prison sentence for importing marijuana seeds into the United States. I wish we would legalize it already.


Now my plan is to ask Judge Burke from Keene some questions on video Monday for a story I’m working on.

Burke, who has a long history with some of these activists, had Adam “Ademo Freeman” Mueller jailed on charges of threatening a public official last year for asking non-threatening questions on video.


That led to a whole cascade of events where Jason Talley of Talley.TV was arrested after attempting to walk into a courthouse with a camera.

Former cop turned activist Bradly Jardis will be with me Monday morning as well as several other activists.


I’ll be writing more about that this week once I get the video of Burke.

Jardis was also interviewed by Free Talk Live in the above clip. He comes in after the second guest.

I’ve had a great time here. Met many people I’ve written about.