Tempe police detained a man whom they suspected was involved in a shooting earlier this month as a friend recorded it all on her cell phone.

The woman was not physically interfering but she was verbally hounding police with questions as to why he was being detained.

The cops told her to back off but they didn’t seem to have an issue with her recording. Then again, they did have their hands full with the suspect who was resisting.

Two minutes into the video, once the suspect was in handcuffs, a female officer walks up to the videographer and asks for identification.

The videographer questions why she would want her identification and the cop said because she might be a possible witness.

The cop then threatens to confiscate the camera.

They were doing so good up until then. I don’t think a cop get demand an identification from a possible witness if the witness doesn’t want to get involved, but maybe some of our legal scholars can answer that.

But I do know the cop had no legal right to confiscate the camera and she knew it too, which is why she didn’t confiscate it.

But they just can’t help themselves anyway by threatening to confiscate it. It’s almost as if the words spill out without going through a mental filter first.

And from the articles that have been written about the shooting, it is not even clear if they had detained the right man.

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