A Baltimore police officer was quickly suspended after he snatched a cell phone from a woman who was recording him making a traffic stop.

The woman, who is a city worker, was standing on private property more than 50 feet away from the cop.

The cop, however, stormed up to her – pointing his own cell phone camera at her – and told her she was on private property, ordering her onto the sidewalk.

He doesn’t even stop to figure out if she had permission to be on that private property.

The woman continues recording while on the sidewalk, explaining to him that she had every right to record, which was when he snatched her camera.

Click on the Fox 45 News story to see the video.

The incident occurred Tuesday and the story was reported Wednesday, showing his superiors didn’t waste any time in suspending the officer.

However, the news report did not include the officer’s name and it doesn’t appear to have been covered by any of the other local news agencies in Baltimore.

Last month, the Baltimore Police Department issued a general order to its officers reminding them that it is legal for citizens to record them in public.

But that order was quickly violated with 24 hours when officers threatened to arrest a man for loitering after they noticed him recording them from across the street.

The department is already embroiled in a lawsuit for deleting a man’s footage.


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