Now that singer Chris Brown has proven he could get away with ripping a cell phone camera from the hands of a fan trying to record him, other celebrities are following suit.

But it didn’t work so well for English comedian Russell Brand, who ripped a cell phone camera from the hands of a photographer and hurled it through the window of a New Orleans law office Monday night.

New Orleans police quickly put out a warrant for his arrest and the comedian turned himself in Thursday, according to TMZ.

Obviously, New Orleans police are not as starstruck as Miami Beach police who refused to arrest Brown after last month’s incident.

Of course that incident didn’t involve a lawyer.

I don’t follow celebrities at all, so the only time I take note of them is when they go after photographers.

So when I wrote about Brown last month, I didn’t realize I had written about him in 2008 when members of his entourage attacked a photographer in St. Petersburg.

Nobody was arrested in that incident either.

Even police in the Dominican Republican don’t allow celebrities to get away with attacking photographers.

According to Dominican Today:

After spending several weeks in jail on charges of beating his girlfriend last year, an warrant was issued to arrest street merengue star Antonio Peter de la Rosa (Omega), accused of physical aggression agsint two reporters of the Univision network, a minor and her mother.

National Police spokesman Máximo Báez on Wednesday said Omega is accused of the assault which according to the reporters, occurred as he was about to board a taxi at the National Theater, after he attended the Casandra Awards.

Báez he revealed that a military officer, whom he didn’t identify, said Omega would turn himself in at 3pm today, to face the accusations.

Police investigators are interviewing Marisela Peña, mother of a 15 year old girl who said she’s a fan of the performer, among other witnesses, who described how the pop figure grabbed her cell phone and smashed it, as well as stripping the Univision photojournalist of his camera and ripped out the recordings.

Update: Comedian Chris Rock is also getting into the act of assaulting photographers when he allegeldy smashed a camera after right-wing writer Jason Mattera questioned him on remarks he had made about the tea party.

The incident took place in January but was reported today on Gothamist, who obviously doesn’t like Mattera because they are celebrating the incident.

So he is probably is an asshole. I don’t know anything about him to determine that myself. But he has every right to stalk celebrities with cameras as the rest of us do.

I would try to find out for myself if he is an asshole, except I’m heading out now. And I know my right-wingers will educate me on why he isn’t an asshole anyway.

Video is below. Fucking celebrities.