An activist and a videographer will receive a $100,000 settlement from the state of Hawaii for a 2010 incident in which they were assaulted outside the state capitol.

While it is a hefty sum, it makes me wonder if the culprits who assaulted the men were punished.

You will probably wonder the same thing after watching the above video.

The incident began when Mitch Kahle began protesting inside the state capitol against a forced prayer, which supposedly is against the Constitution.

Security guards dragged him out with videographer Kevin Hughes following closely behind.

As the guards piled on top of Kahle outside, a group of them came after Hughes.

The following is from my own 2010 story on the incident.

Once outside as a group of men piled on top of Kahle, another man took a swipe at Hughes’ camera.

One man can be heard saying “get that camera.”

There appears to be quite a struggle, then a woman can be heard saying, “I’m going to take the camera and I’m going to put it away.”

The man who punched the camera has been identified as Senate Sergeant at Arms, Bienvenido Villaflor, a former professional boxer, according to Hawaii News Now.



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