An Arkansas television news crew working on a story ended up having a gun pulled on them, capturing the entire incident on video.

But despite the overwhelming evidence that they were the victims of a crime, some commenters on the news article are defending the gunman.

your reporter said you were going to press charges! What charges? The guy had a gun but did not point it to anyone or did he rush up to them threating anyone.

Channel 3 should be charged for harrassing the man.


news people should be more respectful just cause they are holding a camera and wanting information doesnt make it ok to impose on someone’s privacy. it also doesnt give them the permission to go and do what they please. When someone doesnt want you somewhere respect that person’s decison. It should be laws put into place for the media and paparazzi because they can be insensitive to peoples loss and grieving..its there personal lives screw ratings

The WREG news crew was knocking on a door of a house in Joiner where a man had died allegedly at the hands of his son and two others.

The gunman is a friend of the son of the deceased man. Joiner Police Chief Robert Yerbey is also being investigated for failing to report information in this case.

At this point, it appears that the Mississippi County Arkansas Sheriff’s Department, the agency investigating the gun incident, is not involved with the death.

Officers are familiar with the gun brandishing man and they said it’s Brandon Odom, friends with Wilton Goudeaux’s son.

Mary Odom, who is also in jail, is Goudeaux’s caretaker and Brandon Odom’s sister.

The accusations against those in jail include giving the elderly Goudeaux sleeping pills, using meth while caring for him, taking around $100,000 of his money  and leaving him malnourished.

“There were some allegations his life had been threatened. They withheld food, ” says Captain Larry Robinson with the Mississippi County Arkansas Sheriff’s Department.

But apparently Brandon Odom doesn’t want anyone looking into what happened.

Now his gun wielding methods will have him behind bars with his friends.

“What I viewed on your camera is aggravated assault. A Class D Felony,” says Robinson.

We are following through with charges.

There is much more to this case — the Police Chief in Joiner is also under investigation.

The Mayor tells us it has something to do with whether he failed to report some information in Wilton Goudeaux’s death.


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