The same pranksters who appear to have been involved in last month’s spider prank posted a video showing them antagonizing cops on the streets by pretending to pee in public.

One prankster stands nears a cop, then holds a water bottle near his crotch so that it sprays downward in a steady stream.

Another prankster records the ensuing interaction from the distance.

From behind, it looks as if he is pissing, so it’s not surprising the cops end up getting involved.

What’s interesting is in seeing the different responses from different officers.

One cop runs up behind the prankster and shoves him hard in the back and twirls him around before realizing his mistake.

He then wraps him around him as if to show no hard feelings.

Another cop calls him an idiot after discovering he had been had, ordering the prankster to leave the area or else get arrested, never making it clear on what charges.

And another cop walks up to him without laying a hand on him to make sure his suspicions were confirmed, then laughs it off as a “good trick.”

It boils down to this: The cops who don’t physically touch him before determining what he is doing tend to laugh it off.

The cops who physically grab him end up a little more pissed off.

It would be interesting to obtain the personnel files of all those cops recorded and see how many internal affairs complaints they’ve had against them in the past.

We can probably guess which ones have the most.


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