A preacher and his wife were escorted off the campus of a state university in Georgia last week after she video recorded her husband preaching.

The Gainesville State College police officers first told John Duncan that he needed to stop preaching.

Duncan continued to preach, stating it was his right to do so on a public university.

When the cops realized his wife, Ellen Duncan, was video recording them, they walked up to her and told her it was illegal to video record people on campus without their permission.

But they did not say anything to the multitude of students who were video recording her and her husband.

Ellen contacted me through Facebook after their altercation with police because she was still unsure about the law when it to came to recording in a public space.

I told her she had every right to video record, but she is still uncertain, which is why she blurred the faces of the cops.

However, they intend to return to the campus this week, so hopefully they’ll set those cops straight.

John and Ellen live in Georgia but travel around the country preaching on campuses. They’ve had issues in the past.

You know, street preachers have to deal with this a lot. A lot of them don’t have the $$ to fight it, so they just go to another town and preach elsewhere and forget about it. One guy was preaching on the streets in Athens, GA, and the police confiscated (stole) his I think video. The cop said, “I am the law here.” There was never a record of the camera ever existing. The poor guy should have had 2 separate video cameras from 2 different angles to show that the cop took something. But word against word… it’s hard.

Another time years ago, the cops confiscated our VHS tape. My husband went back to get it and they said they never took anything. That’s when we learned that we needed to get a receipt if they take anything from you. But some of them lie so much they may not even give you a receipt, I don’t know.

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