My court date went extremely well. We received the continuance we were seeking on the basis that we needed to depose four more officers.

At first, Judge Edward Newman wanted to proceed with the trial in the name of efficiency but when he heard about the deletion of footage, he mentioned something about “spoliation of evidence” and didn’t look too pleased that it had happened.

Miami-Dade Major Nancy Perez was in the courtroom, looking extremely stressed, never making eye contact with me once.

My attorney, Arnold Trevilla, brought in another attorney to help with the research to get to the truth.

And Robert Chandler, who has been the driving force behind obtaining all these public records, has sent more requests seeking information from officers higher in the chain of command.

One of the people I want to depose is Rick Bravo, the videographer who recorded my arrest because I believe he is the only one with the knowledge to delete footage from the Canon XA 10.

He works in the same division as Perez and remained close to her throughout the night.

A few days after my arrest, Bravo was nominated for a recognition award for all his years of dedicated service to the department.

It doesn’t appear that he is a certified officer although I’ve been hearing from sources that he is.

However, an extensive database compiled by the Sarasota Herald-Tribune listing all officers in Florida did not list an Enrique Bravo, which is his legal name.

The other cops we might depose are Mario Martinez and Luis Sanchez, the officers who took me into custody under Perez’s commands.

I remember they handcuffed me and walked me to a patrol car and placed all my gear on top of the trunk as they were frisking me.

All my gear minus my video camera.

I remember looking back and calling out for my video camera and one of them telling me not to worry, that they will get my camera.

I was placed in a paddy wagon with a couple of other arrestees and about an hour later, either Sanchez or Martinez opened the door to take my information.

He had my video camera, which he placed in a large paper bag and told me I could retrieve it at the police station once I was released because that, along with all my other camera gear, was too large for the jail impound.

Those cops were professional and had no reason to delete my footage. And even if they did, it would have taken them a while to figure it out under the assumption that it takes someone with knowledge of professional cameras to delete that footage.

And that person might be Bravo.

The irony of all this is that I was watching Bravo shooting the eviction the entire night and I was impressed with his camera and his obvious skills.

I wanted to strike up a conversation with him about cameras the way we camera nerds sometimes do.

I also want to make it clear that I am just stating my suspicions and I’m not directly accusing him of deleting my footage.

However, I did bring up his name in court when the judge asked whom we wanted to depose, so Perez surely relayed the information back to him, so I might as well just lay it all out there for my readers.

We do have a lot more evidence as to the deletion of footage that I cannot expand on at this moment.

And we have witnesses that have come forward.

But it will all come out sooner or later.

We will soon obtain the transcripts of Perez’s deposition, so that should shed more light on the case.

I know they are watching everything I write and that’s ok with me because I am sticking to the truth, something they have had trouble doing in the past.

But I am also watching them. In more ways than they realize.

I also want to thank those of you who have donated to my legal defense fund via PayPal.

I’m still trying to get the Kick Starter campaign going, but it requires them to confirm my bank account and because I moved my money to a credit union, this process can take up to seven days.

So much for that personalized service I was seeking when switching from Bank of America.


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I am immersed in a legal case where I not only want to clear my criminal charges stemming from my arrest in January, but I want to sue the Miami-Dade Police Department for deleting my footage, which I was able to recover.

My goal is to set some type of precedent to ensure this does not happen as often as it does today where cops simply get away with it.

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