New York City Police Sgt. Lesly Charles may have a long penis but he’s short on brains, never realizing a suspect was video recording as he threatened to ram his lengthy penis in the suspect’s mouth.

Charles also threatened to ram his pistol inside the man’s anus before telling him he had a pretty face.

Charles also told the man, who was getting harassed for parking illegally, that he didn’t mind the “hustling” as long as he paid him respect.

The suspect, who was arrested for disorderly conduct, gave the video to the New York Post, which sparked an internal investigation.

Here is a sample of his tirade.

“I have the long d–k. You don’t,” the cop bragged.

“Your pretty face — I like it very much. My d–k will go in your mouth and come out your ear. Don’t f–k with me. All right?”

After the target of his tirade insisted, “I didn’t do anything,” Charles retorted, “Listen to me. When you see me, you look the other way. Tell your boys, I don’t f–k around. All right?”

“I’ll take my gun and put it up your a– and then I’ll call your mother afterwards. You understand that?”

For good measure, the sergeant added: “And I’ll put your s–t in your own mouth.”

The Post called Charles at home who said he was only doing the Lord’s work.

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