Antonio Buehler, who is still awaiting trial on felony charges for photographing police earlier this year, was arrested today for photographing police making an arrest.

Details are scarce but the following was posted on his Facebook page.

ARREST ALERT!! CALL FLOOD!! RALLY!! Liberty Activist, Antonio Buehler, was arrested last night for interfering with a police investigation. Per Joshua Pineda, Buelher was 30 ft away filming the arrest of a man who had just pushed his gf to the ground. The officers asked the man being arrested if Antonio was bothering him,he said yes, they then arrested Beuhler. He is now at Travis County Jail awaiting magistration. CALL THE CHIEF’S OFFICE – 512-974-5030 – leave a message and tell them to FREE Antonio Buehler. Try to get thru to the jail at – 512-854-5245 – tell them to let him go – SHOW UP AT THE JAIL NOW AND SUPPORT ANTONIO WHEN HE GETS OUT – 509 W. 11th St, Austin, TX.

I just arrived in Tampa – where I had planned to meet him – and I’m about to head to downtown to see what’s happening in preparation for the Republican National Convetion, so I will update this with details later.

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I am immersed in a legal case where I not only want to clear my criminal charges stemming from my arrest in January, but I want to sue the Miami-Dade Police Department for deleting my footage, which I was able to recover.

My goal is to set some type of precedent to ensure this does not happen as often as it does today where cops simply get away with it.

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