After almost two years of blogging on Pixiq, I received notice that my services would no longer be needed, meaning I have to find a new home for Photography is Not a Crime by next month.

Apparently, my writing was a little too controversial for the largest book retailer in the country.

I knew this day would come, even when I signed an agreement with Barnes and Nobles, which owns Sterling Publishing, which owns Pixiq.

But I hold no resentment. No anger. No ill-wishes against Pixiq.

In fact, I’m appreciative they gave me the opportunity to write for them for two solid years.

Two solid years and only one deleted article, which they deemed over the top, but promised never to do again without consulting with me beforehand.

Even though they knew what they were getting into when they brought me on, the two individuals who did bring me on left the company shortly after I arrived.

After that, my editors wanted me to focus more on photographers who get harassed or arrested rather than cops who get caught on a dash or surveillance camera being abusive.

But those latter stories prove why it is so important for us to learn our rights as photographers because if we don’t police the police, then who will?

But Pixiq has every right to determine what types of articles they want published on its site, so I am not taking this decision personal.

I have until September 16 to transfer my blog to another host.

It will be a financial setback for me. I can’t lie about that. But it will also be an opportunity to grow Photography is Not a Crime to its full potential.

So let’s talk about the future of PINAC.

My plan is to self-host on a WordPress blog as I did before I switched to Pixiq, but I don’t want to use the old theme and layout, so if anybody has any suggestions for a theme or design that might work for PINAC, please let me know.

I would also like to open PINAC up to new writers because there is a lot that goes missed because I simply don’t have the time or energy to write it all.

My goal is eventually have two paid staff writers but that’s way down the line, so for now, it will be unpaid work.

My first priority is to develop a business plan where I can fund the site. That won’t be easy, but if more people are writing, then perhaps more people will be reading, and then anything is possible.

If anybody is interested in writing for PINAC, please send an email to with the subject heading “PINAC Writer.”

It would be great to have somebody with journalistic experience or background, but anybody who has read this blog for a while knows the style of writing and reporting I am looking for.

Right now, I would love to hear from you guys.

What direction would you like to see PINAC go in?

Please send stories, tips and videos to


I am immersed in a legal case where I not only want to clear my criminal charges stemming from my arrest in January, but I want to sue the Miami-Dade Police Department for deleting my footage, which I was able to recover.

My goal is to set some type of precedent to ensure this does not happen as often as it does today where cops simply get away with it.

So if you would like to contribute, please click on the “donate” button below and contribute whatever you can afford.

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Hair Transplant 

Also, in an unrelated PINAC matter, I recently went through a hair transplant operation and I’m documenting my recovery on this blog if you are interested. I did not pay for this transplant, which is why I’m promoting the doctor through the hair transplant blog.