A man who recently served overseas as a U.S. Marine was arrested Thursday evening in Virginia for making anti-government statements on Facebook.

Brandon Raub’s arrest was captured on citizen video by his brother, which at least allows us to see that he was not whisked away in the dark of night by men in black.

But the men who arrested him were compiled of FBI and Secret Service agents as well as Chesterfield County police officers who did not have a problem being video recorded.

According to an interview on the Josh Tolley Show, which is posted below, his mother said that he was taken to a psychiatric hospital for evaluation and is facing charges of assault on an officer and resisting arrest.

The arrest has stirred up a firestorm on various self-described “patriot” sites who are describing Raub as nothing but a patriot who was arrested for expressing his First Amendment rights.

The truth is, Raub has two Facebook pages, both which highlight his affiliation with the U.S. Marines, including one in which he engages with friends and family and shows he is a very strong Ron Paul supporter (and also has five mutual friends with me).

That’s the one where he is receiving an outpouring of support from friends over his arrest.

But he has another one that reveals a much darker side in which he accuses the government of causing 9/11 and of dropping chemicals from the air on the American people.

He also accuses the Bush family of raping children in a secret castle in Colorado.

Authorities told his mother that “the threats he made were terrorist in nature.”

I’ve cut and pasted a few of the statements he made on Facebook below and the closet thing that comes to a threat is when he writes, “sharpen up my axe; I’m here to sever heads.”

But there is no indication of whose head he will sever or whether or not he was speaking metaphorically.

This will be an interesting case to watch because it will determine the line between First Amendment expression – even if it is just paranoid, delusional hyperbole – and actual threats.