Mitt Romney swung into St. Augustine Monday, so PINAC reader Jeff Gray aka HONORYOUROATH decided to shoot some video.

Anybody who is familiar with his videos can imagine what took place next.

It started when a security guard ordered him to leave the area, even though he was standing on a sidewalk outside a police perimeter.

The guard called a St. Augustine cop, who naturally sided with the security guard, even though he could not specify exactly what law Gray was breaking.

“Secret Service doesn’t want anybody standing around this area,” the cop said.

“Just because the Secret Service comes to town doesn’t mean my rights don’t exist,” Gray responded, adding that he was audio and video recording.

“I know, you always do,” the officer responded.

“You know who I am?”


Another officer arrived and Gray asked if he legally has to move.

“You’re fine,” the second officer responded.

By the end of the video, several citizens had converged on the scene, some even taking photos with cops, who smiled and posed.

But that was after Romney had left town in his “Believe in America” caravan.

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