A day after a third Fullerton cop was charged in the beating death of a mentally ill homeless man that was caught in a gruesome and horrifying city surveillance video, the victim’s father said there is more video that has yet to be released, specifically footage from cameras that were confiscated by police.

Ron Thomas, who has been relentless in seeking justice for his son, said there is one clip that shows police ripping the film out of a woman’s camera in the moments after the beating.

However, they are saving that evidence for the trial, which has not been scheduled yet.

Ron Thomas was speaking at the Covering Social Protest Movements in an age of Social Media journalism conference in Orange County, which runs until tomorrow.

The revelation was made after I asked him about the initial reports of the confiscated cameras during his talk.

I interviewed him on video after his talk but he did not want to elaborate anymore on that subject because of the pending trial.

In the above video, which I shot handheld with my Flip, he talks about his efforts in getting Joe Wolf indicted, even though prosecutors resisted at first.

Wolf was the first to strike Kelly with his baton, but it took more than a year after Jay Cicinelli and Manny Ramos were indicted before he was charged.

In the video, Ron Thomas also talks about how the mainstream media was initially reluctant to report on the story of the beating death and even refused to run the photo of his son’s battered face at first, but did so only did so after a local blog posted the photo.

Hearing Ron Thomas speak has been the highlight of this workshop so far considering I’ve been following from the beginning.

Also attending the conference is Julie Dermansky, a New Orleans photojournalist and avid PINAC reader, whom I met in person for the first time.

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