Georgia school officials confiscated a student’s cell phone after he video recorded a fight between two girls on a school bus last week, refusing to return it unless he deleted the video.

They also suspended the student for five days, saying he violated school policy and claiming his behavior might lead other students to do the same.

Obviously, evidence of violent assaults are frowned upon at Conyers Middle School in Rockdale County.

Fortunately, the kid’s father knew something wasn’t right with their actions and contacted CBS Atlanta who looked into the matter.

Dover said his son received five days of in-school suspension for videotaping a fight on the school bus with his cell phone, a fight Jason said he wasn’t even involved in.

“I was very shocked,” Jason said.

Jason said the fight was between two girls and no one else. Still he received a discipline report and was told that he violated school policy for photographing the incident. As a result, Jason said faculty confiscated his phone and told him he would have to sign the discipline report and delete the video to get the phone back. Needless to say, Jason was without a cell phone for days.

“Say if I go to basketball practice tomorrow and I feel dehydrated and about to pass out after practice, I don’t have a phone to contact my parents or if I stay after school for tutoring, I can’t call them to let them know to come and pick me up,” Jason said.

CBS Atlanta News contacted the school district, and within minutes the principal of Conyers Middle School contacted Jason’s father, asked to meet with him and then returned the call.

That was enough to get the school district to return the student’s phone and remove the suspension from his disciplinary file.



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