Responding to a report of domestic abuse, Idaho sheriff’s deputies raided a home at gunpoint, pulling the man and woman out of their home before proceeding to walk inside and searching it in its entirety.

For what, it’s not clear considering the purported suspect and victim – one of them described as a “Constitutionalist” by a deputy receiving the call from dispatch – were already outside and in custody.

But it is clear they did not have a warrant because at one point after believing they had stumbled upon a marijuana grow room, one of them declared, “we’ll have to get a warrant for this.”

However, deputies later learned that they had only found a tomato grow room, so no arrests were made.


The entire raid was captured in the above video by a body-mounted camera worn by one of the deputies and will most likely be the strongest piece of evidence should the couple file a lawsuit.

The incident took place in Gem County in August after a neighbor overheard Michael Gibbons and his wife, Marcella Cruz, arguing.

Idaho blogger William N. Grigg did a thorough job of obtaining the video, dispatch audio, interviewing the couple and attempting to interview deputies in his report, which he published Tuesday on his blog, Pro Libertate.

Anybody familiar with police scanners can confirm it was just a routine domestic call, which police respond to hundreds of times a day throughout the country.

The main priority for police in these calls is to ensure the safety of the victim, whomever it may be.

But it was obvious these deputies were not too concerned with Marcela Cruz’s welfare.

Their issue was made clear when responding to the dispatcher’s call. That not only was Gibbons a Constitutionalist, but he was also “anti-law enforcement,” which is cop talk for somebody who doesn’t lick their boots.

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