Boy, 13, Arrested for Posting Video of Fight on Facebook

A 13-year-old Canadian boy was arrested after posting a video of two girls fighting off school grounds.

The boy was charged with “mischief,” which used to only be punishable by detention. And even then, only when the mischief took place on school grounds.

But times have obviously changed because the principal called the boy into his office when he became aware of the video that was posted on Facebook earlier this month.

According to The Star:

In the video, viewed by the Star, two girls can be seen arguing as a small group, including the filmmaker, approaches.

As the two trade insults, one girl walks away before the second girl grabs her by her lime green backpack, hurling her to the pavement. As the girl on the ground retaliates with a kick, the second girl grabs her by her ankle and drags her a short distance before nearly straddling her and unleashing a barrage of no less than eight punches to the face. As the punches connect, several people can be heard laughing.

Const. Erin Cooper said the boy’s mischief charges relate to interfering with the victim’s reasonable use and enjoyment of Facebook, as outlined in the Criminal Code.

Earlier this month, a 17-year-old Miami student was threatened with a ten-day suspension if he wouldn’t delete a video of a security guard body slamming a student to the ground.

About Carlos Miller

Carlos Miller is founder and publisher of Photography is Not a Crime, which began as a one-man blog in 2007 to document his trial after he was arrested for photographing police during a journalistic assignment. He is also the author of The Citizen Journalist's Photography Handbook, which can be purchased through Amazon.

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  • Chirag

    What of the two girls?

    • Carlos_Miller

      One was arrested for assault

  • John Smith

    People can avoid the sort of backlash this kid is being subjected to by learning how to post their potentially controversial words and videos anonymously.

  • LastManOutTheDoor

    In the US the school is responsible for the safety of the student the moment they step off of their homes’ property and until they return. Many schools have been found liable for the injury of school children going to/returning from school. Wonder how that would play out in this type of scenario?

    • Joel Turner

      Please post reference to these facts.

    • Clark

      So if a student detours to the mall on their way home, the school is still responsible if they slip on water spray from the fountain? The overreach of schools has gone on far too long and it’s time to put and end to it, in both countries!

    • Difdi

      If a student takes a detour to a shop on his way home from school and the shop gets robbed while he’s in it, the school would have liability for failing to protect him? That’s insane.

    • Jim

      This is Canada, liable for what? Medical care? Not necessary with socialized medicine. Unless someone is hurt to the point of needing serious long term care, minor scrapes bruises or even fractures are cared for with little to no cost to the patient. Without large, ridiculous medical bills we don’t really have the need to sue each other over minor things.

    • LastManOutTheDoor

      Because school attendance is compulsory, the school is responsible for the child’s safety. That is why sidewalks are prevalent near schools in unincorporated areas, crossing guards, elevated walkways over major roads, speed restricted school zones, etc. Of course if the student detours significantly then that is different, but thanks for the silly comment anyway.

  • steveo

    Oh, well, this is Canada. I do like their beer, though.

  • Baker

    I would like to see the parents file against criminal charges against the principle. There was no jurisdiction. Also false arrest comes to mind. In the case of the boy in Miami…. I hope a lawsuit and criminal charges are filed against the principle also! Don’t sue the school district but sue the individual in their official capacity.

  • Anonymous

    The chance of that charge sticking is pretty slim. Canada has similar ‘Charter Rights’, and photography of anything (except sensitive miltary sites) from a public place is protected as free speech.

  • Brooks Ns

    why doesn’t the posting these videos fall under our constitutional first amendment rights. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or
    prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of
    speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to
    assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    i would like everyone to look at the part that reads “or abridging the freedom of
    speech, or of the press”

    posting these videos on a social network would be “news” Facebook even call the wall where you read what your friends “your News Feed”