Texas Cop Fired After "Embarrassing" Youtube Video

A Texas cop who took pride in his aggressive police tactics, peering into a citizen camera and spouting his name and badge number after ramming his knee into the face of a teenager, was fired last week – marking the second time in a month that a cop was fired over a Youtube video.

“Move and fucking die,” Hurst police officer Disraeli Arnold told 17-year-old Miguel Rodriguez who was being arrested on a four year warrant stemming from a trespassing on school grounds charge.

When Rodriguez began complaining about the treatment, asking his friend, Jordan Rojas, if he got it on camera, Arnold continued with a tirade of profanity.

“Move so I can kick your ass, move so I can fuck you up!”

Arnold then stood up and peered into the camera and said, “You got it on  tape? Arnold, 654!”

It was such an embarrassing video that even the Hurst Police Department admitted they were embarrassed.

But they didn’t go as far as saying he used excessive force because they claim the youth was resisting arrest.

However, the video shows that youth had already stopped putting up a struggle and was complying with the officer in lying flat on his stomach and putting his hands behind his back.

Last month, a University of Kentucky-Lexington cop was fired after barging into a student’s dorm without a warrant as the student video recorded the incident.

That video has since been removed, most likely due to pressure from the university.

Be sure to read the comments from other officers from PoliceOne.com on this story who believe Arnold was wrongly terminated.

But ask yourself what other profession would allow an employee to keep his job after displaying such aggressive and unprofessional behavior?

Disraeli Arnold peering into the camera after ramming his knee into the face of a teenager who was already complying with another officer.

About Carlos Miller

Carlos Miller is founder and publisher of Photography is Not a Crime, which began as a one-man blog in 2007 to document his trial after he was arrested for photographing police during a journalistic assignment. He is also the author of The Citizen Journalist's Photography Handbook, which can be purchased through Amazon.

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  • nrgins

    Huh. Hurst is right next to where I live!

    • Gordon Freeman

      Better not blink wrong.

      • nrgins

        That’s the thing – most cops here aren’t like that at all. That guy must’ve just been on speed or a real ass.

        • http://twitter.com/heidi77dana dana davis

          generally, when a cop acts like that, it is because he has very low self esteem. He can replace his feelings of inadequacy with making his own fake power trip. It builds him up, but only temporarily…He will have to victimize more and more as time goes one;because the brains self assessment eventually comes into the conscious mind;reminding him of how bad he really feels about himself.Sad, hope he deals with his issues. Anyway, Of course there are some good cops out there.

      • David Holloway

        kid had a four year warrant out for his arrest, do ur due diligence before making a ignorant comment.

        • Gordon Freeman

          So the officer wasn’t fired?

          Better check your horse before you back it. This one is dead.

        • Brandon Ellis

          For trespassing, you damn fool. Stop thinking like a thug, it’ll take you places in life.

        • Fotaugrafee

          Yes, but apparently what was a VERY important issue, like capital murder or something that would have warranted more time, care & such violent action.

          Dave Holloway = cop apologist

  • Bob

    Sorry, I can’t read any more comments from P1. Just a bunch of cowards on an “invite only” message forum performing a circle jerk.

    • Fotaugrafee

      And cumming on each other in the crossfire, too.

  • steveo

    The comments from the police blog are really illuminating. No doubt that the leo/citizen us and them is nothing but Its the cops against the world. This is very discouraging. But everything we learn on this blog is appropriate. Maintain your civil rights at all cost, because these leos are believers that its them against us. Like a war.

  • Boomer

    The apologists for Arnold on P1 remind me once again that in their world it’s very definitely us against them, and anything is acceptable to the boys in blue. I could only read so much of it before I wanted to go home and take a shower just to wash the filth off my skin. I never speak to the cops, never. Not standing in line for coffee, not walking past them on the street, not ever.

    Arnold was actually proud of kneeing that kid in the face. “I sure did!” Wonder how his mommy and daddy out in Odessa feel about having raised their son to be a hyper-aggressive animal?

    On his bio it notes he was a member of a church choir. Wonder what hymn “Move So I Can Fuck You Up” is in the book.

  • rick

    Interesting how the terroristic threats “If you move, I’m going to fucking kill you” and “…move so I can fuck you up” is not adressed. I was under the impression that threatening murder was a crime. Oh wait, it is!


    (1) and (2) of specific interest

  • Rob

    This is great news! Disraeli Arnold is a true scumbag!

  • tim

    Power tripping

  • LBrothers

    I just joined Police One as a ‘civilian.” Nothing to it. I suggest everyone join and speak to these people directly.

  • LBrothers

    My mistake. You can join the site but can only comment if you’re a verified law enforcement blah, blah, blah. Fucking pussies.

    • Fotaugrafee

      How dare thou speak up against da a-fora-tees!!!

  • Jeff

    I just spent nearly an hour reading the comments from LEOs from around the country and am actually somewhat shocked. I worked alongside LEOs for nearly 25 years as a paramedic. Until reading these comments I would have strongly argued that LEOs like the one in this video were by far the exception rather than the rule. After reading, it is clear they are the norm. How very sad! Anyone who claims what they see in these videos is rare needs to look at the hundreds of LEOs writing comments supporting what this former officer did or saying it was minor to what they have done. We need a huge culture change for these cops. Unfortunately culture is the hardest to change. And for the record, I am anything bu a liberal as the officers seem to think. I’m as republican as they come. This culture must change. Hopefully if enough lose their jobs it will. Are there ANY government employees who are worth a shit?

    • Fotaugrafee

      It won’t change. Just like the mindset that “when you leave or are terminated, we will find another flunky like you, to replace you.” That’s the mindset of this culture, Jeff. The only way it’s going to change is through constant public humiliation of their departments (YouTube) or worse yet, a V for Vendetta like hero (Carlos?) inspires people to stand up for their rights.

    • $5860117

      I’m with you. I always respected LEOs when I was growing up, and even when I was a young adult in the Marines. I was so sure they were good people. It started to change in my early thirties, when I overheard an “officer” verbally hazing a young Marine for no real reason. The vicious, foul mouthed verbal assault just went on and on, as the young Marine sat stony faced in his car, absorbing the humiliating, insulting and absolutely pointless and unprovoked abuse. For the first time I began to wonder. Now I keep my distance from all police. I’ve seen too much. I’m still a scrupulous advocate of law and order. I just don’t think police are good people. On average, I think they’re more likely to commit crimes, far more likely to commit violent crimes and practically incapable of giving truthful testimony to anything, ever. I am forced to conclude that LEOs lie as a matter of routine, and don’t think there’s anything wrong with their steady stream of false testimony.
      I still really appreciate a handful of retired officers. I know them to be men of good character, and I realize they’re even more disgusted than I am by what police have become. I hear their dismay when they talk about the young people who replaced them. The retired officers are horrified. We have a real problem on our hands. Police culture must be put back on track.

    • Todd

      CORRECT! I am a prime example. A few years ago I was hit in the head with an aluminum bat by a stranger. I am severely disabled in the first place and it is obvious. The officer who arrived to assist me saw me lying on the street with blood flowing from my head to my fingertips. He ordered me off the pavement, drew his TASER gun, held it withing 10-inches of my heart and shot me with it. I have permanent nerve damage from this since I’d already had 2-spinal fusion surgeries. My settlement is coming soon. I’ll let you how much I receive.

  • Citizen

    Too bad the guy recording cowed to the quickly advancing officers demand to turn off the phone.

    • byoung328

      I don’t blame him in this case. He literately just watched a cop flip out and threaten to kill his friend. I might even considered turning it off at that point. When someone who’s armed snaps it is pretty damn scary. It’s even scarier when that person has government backing and might just get away with shooting you.

  • IceTrey

    It’s well known that police departments don’t higher people with IQ’s much over 100, or less. They want thugs not thinkers.

    • http://twitter.com/heidi77dana dana davis

      don’t leave out the whole 3 months training certificate they have to get…. That cop should have an assault charge, carried to supreme court if needed. Lock him up, he clearly BROKE the law.

      • David Holloway

        force is used every time a criminal resists arrest.

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/FVCNIYW4SFLCZDGNIOAK74QPAQ Art

          David, we’re talking about the kid with the camera, not the perp. Try to keep up, or we’ll all have to start typing slower . . .

    • Koltan

      Excuse me officer Ice, that’s spelled “hire” and if you had an IQ of 100, you should consider yourself above average. Have a nice day :)

    • David Holloway

      can you source that, bc it is not well known.

    • Todd

      Absolutely CORRECT.

  • Robert

    You can’t take the thug out of a person by putting a costume on them.

  • $5860117

    Start Quote “Move and fucking die,” Hurst police officer Disraeli Arnold told 17-year-old Miguel Rodriguez who was being arrested on a four year warrant stemming from a trespassing on school grounds charge.

    End Quote

    Does this mean the minor child (17) was being arrested on charges of “trespassed on school grounds” 4 years prior, at the age of 13?

    I don’t know. I’m just seeking understanding here. The police have become more and more inscrutable to me. I don’t understand why they’re so nasty, and where all these crazy non-crimes and warrants for arrest are coming from.

    I’m a 50 year old U.S. citizen, and what I’m reading makes no sense at all to me. I don’t recognize this country, and I don’t recognize these “officers.” What happened, and why have we become over-run with police-thugs?

    • James Nimmons

      follow the money

  • David Holloway

    the cop didnt do anything wrong. everyone just wants to hate on a cop. they have to deal with all kinds of people. if the guy didnt want to be held down until the cop’s partner came, then he shouldnt have resisted arrest. i didnt see a knew go into the teens face. telling the kid to move so he could mess him up is ensuring the kid knows the seriousness of the situation. a person, who may or may not be a criminal is resisting a rest. once he goes to court the outcome will be whatever it is going to be. but the kid, who may disagree with why he is being arrested has the opportunity to explain why he should have never been arrested in the first place at court. that is the time for him to fight. not when a cop is asking u to put ur hands behind ur back. this video does not show everything, including how the cop had to first hold him down because the individual was resisting. quick to hate on a cop but expect to be able to do whatever u want and suggest that the cop, who has to deal with everyone from all walks of life is all the way messed up. the kid shouldnt have elevated the situation.

    • Rail Car Fan

      Davit Holloway…

      Isn’t it embarrassing to have your name associated with your post above?

      What your above post shows is your inability to correctly capitalize the first letter of the first word in every one of your sentences. As far as using correct punctuation when combining two words into one as a example, well you screwed the pooch on that one too. I also see some drastic misspelling of commonly used words, which fits right in with much of my post here. I could go on and on pointing out what was written, while in this case what wasn’t written, but……

      Sometimes it’s really, really hard to write/post in such a way to embarrass oneself, but in your case…….

      Rail Car Fan

    • Fotaugrafee

      Soooo, a cop threatening & following through with physical harm to a perp is completely acceptable, in the name of “ensuring he knows the seriousness of the situation”, eh?

      Funny, didn’t know that was law. But I guess when you’re a flunky cop who feels the need to defend his brethren’s heinous actions, anything is completely acceptable.

    • Fotaugrafee

      In addition, you’re saying that it’s completely acceptable to waste precious HOURS and potentially DAYS of my life, because some pig cop thought it was prudent to arrest me based on his scrupulous suspicions? If that’s the case, I should be able to sue him, without contest, for false arrest. Your mindset goes WAY behind simple detention, and has violated my freedom.

      What an asshat you are, keep sucking off the captain’s pecker, maybe one day you’ll make detective.

  • Difdi

    What would happen to a citizen who talked like that to a cop?

    Why do we let people sworn to uphold to a lesser standard of obedience to it?

  • Julieb615

    Hooray! He got fired!!

  • Max Hydrogen

    The fact that such a person can even become a law enforcement officer fills me with depression… The police can’t even admit that there is a problem police brutality. That means the problem will simply get bigger and bigger until we reach a point of no-return… Then we shall come face to face.

  • byoung328

    I’m love PoliceOne. When I show people videos like this they always give me the ‘few bad apples’ argument. When I show them the responses from all the cops on PoliceOne it’s a real eye opener for them.

  • soulsabr

    I’m still waiting to hear about the lawsuit for this one. Since the department fired him spare them for doing the right thing. However, sue that EX-cop’s ass off. :)

    • Stanley B. Manley

      No, sue him until his butthole bleeds!

  • Laurice Tatum

    Poor screening by HR people and poor training by their academies. It seem to me that the 17 yo had acquiesced to the officer and was no longer resisting. Force was not needed at that point.

    • synapse13

      I read a post by a guy on YT describing a friend who applied to be a police officer and during his police psych exam the friend told the psychologist that he, “just wanted to drive fast and kill people.” Not only did they not disqualify this guy, they shook his hand and told him that he was exactly what they were looking for!!! They are actively looking for criminal thugs who are violent. This is not the America I was born in. And I’m a liberal. This is what the war on terror has wrought; a police state.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KM7356FBG24YJRSEN3WYWODBTY G

    The comments on P1 definitely show how cops feel about the public. If you fight a cop, you’re instantly a “POS” raised by our “Granny” not by our “wolves” (parents). Very interesting indeed.

  • http://neville6000.deviantart.com/ Neville Ross

    This incident only shows that we need a maximum of five years training for police in North America, along with a requirement of a college degree, as it is in Japan.

  • James Nimmons

    i hope you know taht its going to get WORSE for recorders before it gets better

  • rodney

    l know this is an old post but WOW!!! I can`t understand how cops could be so mean.I hate playing the race card trust me l marred a white lady and have three kids with her. l have my own business and know criminal record one day I was walking around the corner of my house to get burger and a cop stopped me and ask me for ID at first l wanted to say no I did not do anything however I knew that would put me in a bad place. I could not believe there were other people around me that look my age but there were all white and they walk right by them and said I hope all of you are having a great day that really cut me deep. Most of my life I had to deal with races problems but now that I’m 43 years old and it’s 2013 l thought it would get a little better. I love god and Jesus Christ so I have hope in mankind.

  • Rodan!

    The commentary at PoliceOne.com is disturbing, cops and cop nutswingers who see nothing wrong with abuse. What a twisted place.

  • Todd

    That “cop” is a disgrace to the school he attended K-12 and humanity. I bet his parents are ashamed. What a piece of feces.

  • Todd

    ALL cops are CRIMINALS. Accept this FACT.

  • Danllo

    Definitely unprofessional. He made it impossible to give him the benefit of the doubt. Especially, when he says, “Move or fucking die” or something to that affect.

  • Damien

    I’m glad this monkey lost his job.
    We ALL have the right to film the police as long as we are on PUBLIC property.
    The video camera is the only thing that will keep these jackboots in line.
    Without it, they would just LIE for each other & the truth would never come to light.

  • p51dman

    video deleted

  • mgbbilly

    Why does the video “no longer exist” ?

  • James Michael

    Warrant for “WHAT EXACTLY?”, most so called warrants, are created when the court has ZERO jurisdiction…

    None and that is a fact….

  • bee

    You’d think someone named arnold would not be a cop, uh pig .