Florida Deputies Beat Man on Video; Mainstream Media Unable to Come Out and Say It

Collier County Sheriff officials said they had no choice but to viciously beat a motorcyclist even though the dash cam video shows him standing there with his hands raised waiting to be handcuffed.

But despite the obvious evidence against the deputies that they abused their authority, the mainstream media is taken the typical “he said, she said” routine in order to keep on the good side of the sheriff’s office.

But we shouldn’t expect anything else from them.

According to ABC-7:

Falconi says when he surrendered he put his hands up in the air, he says Deputy Robert Lewis then punched him in the face and tackled him to the ground– putting a gun to his head and threatening to kill him.

He says Lewis and other deputies continued to beat and taze him despite the fact that he had surrendered.

Falconi shared a portion of the dash cam video–he says it is proof that deputies used unnecessary force against him.

In a use of force report to the sheriff’s office–Deputy Lewis says this all unfolded because Falconi resisted arrest.

Lewis says Falconi didn’t listen to demands to get on the ground–so drew his gun, hit Falconi in chest and pushed him to the ground.

Lewis also says Falconi did not respond when he repeatedly told him to roll on his stomach and put his hands on his head.

He says Falconi instead put his hand underneath his torso like he was reaching for something–so Lewis tased Falconi.

Lewis and other deputies continued to hit Falconi to try and get him under control and in handcuffs.

The Collier County Sheriff’s Office released this statement regarding the incident:

We have been made aware of the potential for a lawsuit relating to this arrest. In addition, the criminal case is still pending. These two facts significantly limit our ability to comment.

To date, no member misconduct complaint has been filed in this case.  However, the Collier County Sheriff’s Office will open a Professional Responsibility Bureau investigation to determine exactly what took place during the pursuit and arrest.  Among the questions that will be resolved are whether Mr. Falconi was resisting being handcuffed at the time of the alleged excessive response to resistance and whether deputies on scene were following agency and state response to resistance guidelines while taking Mr. Falconi into custody.

In order to perform a complete review, many elements need to be reviewed, such as reports, videos, sworn statements and physical evidence. In addition, other questions must be answered, including why was the vehicle traveling at speeds reaching 110 mph and why was the driver attempting to elude deputies.

Law enforcement officers are permitted to respond to resistance, whether it be verbal, passive, active or aggressive, for the safety of the public, the officer and the subject.

Be sure to digest that last sentence because they are pretty much claiming they can beat you to a pulp for pretty much anything.

And the mainstream media will just take their word on it.

About Carlos Miller

Carlos Miller is founder and publisher of Photography is Not a Crime, which began as a one-man blog in 2007 to document his trial after he was arrested for photographing police during a journalistic assignment. He is also the author of The Citizen Journalist's Photography Handbook, which can be purchased through Amazon.

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  • SFCRetired

    Someday a group of citizens is going to tire of the excessive force and the lies of law enforcement agencies. When that happens, I strongly suspect they will mete out some of the same treatment on law enforcement that law enforcement has dished out on citizens. Please note that I am not advocating such an action; merely predicting its likelihood.

    • jonchance

      Isn’t that exactly what triggered the LA riots?

      • steveo

        Actually, they were the two most famous DUI arrests in history. Marquette Fry was pulled over by CHP in a Watts neighborhood, while troopers were trying to arrest Fry all heck broke loose.After the Fryes’ arrests, the crowd continued to grow. Police came to the scene to break up the crowd a few times that night, but were attacked by rocks and concrete. Eventually, 4000 National guardsmen were deployed.

        In 1991, Rodney King was pulled over for suspected DUI (after a high speed chase, sound familar) and you all know what happened with that. These two incidents spurred riots that cost over 800 million dollars. Leos need to be tolerant and realize that they are just one cog in the wheel of the criminal justice system. Just bring the people to the court, you don’t need to be the one inflicting the punishment.

        • Jayne Oertwig

          I heard, and yes ONLY heard, that with the RKing video, media only showed the last half. Jurors saw the entire video showing RKing fighting with the officers. It would be interesting to see what the jurors saw before judging.

    • James Nimmons

      Noones going to do a thing.. Everyone is cowed. and what are we going to do when we have no guns? throw apples at them?

  • Joel Turner

    Since we recently seen that they’ll burn down a house to kill you if they want then try and spin it as an accident. So this is no longer surprising. It’s well past time to water the tree.

    • Gordon Freeman

      Recently? They did it to the SLA in the 70’s, and in Waco after that. It seems cops are thugs AND fire bugs.

      • Rick Myrtue

        The French press did interviews with Terror suspects in Europe in the early ’70’s and asked them why they did not operate in the U.S. more. Their answer was to the effect that “The American’s BURN people up”.
        Fire as a weapon has been used in this Country for 200 years. Think about it. Do some research and the results will pretty much sicken you.

  • BuddaR

    those police deserve worse done to them selfs for there actions. for every one positive and negative reaction there is always an opposite reaction! FUCK YOU POLICE!

  • NorthoftheBorder Gold

    they need to take the tasers away from the cops, they obviously think they are toys.

    • Frank Ney

      Not just the tasers. The guns and the nightsticks and the pepper spray, too. A good number of them shouldn’t have so much as a rolled-up newspaper.

  • rick

    I always notice how narrow the field of view is from police dash cams. Don’t want to see too much! Almost all consumer car DVR’s have 120 or 140 degree fov with no distortion.

    • Carlos_Miller

      I’ll be conducting a review of two consumer car dash cams in the next few weeks, so I’ll be sure to note how the field of views compare to police dash cams.

      • TxCwbyTrue

        I’m curious also about night visibility and I have seen a few that have a front and rear lens. I am definitely in the market for one.

    • rick

      Here is an example from my dash cam. Notice how resolution and fov are superior to the majority of police videos.

      Select HD to see full resolution:

      • Lefim

        Remember: all government equipment you see are made by the lowest bidding contractor.

  • steveo

    These high speed chases always seem to end with the driver and/or passengers getting pummelled by numerous leos. This must be taught in the police academies because I see it so often. If they want the suspect to get down on the ground, it doesn’t seem wise to run up immediately and hit the guy with the butt of your gun.
    I’ve seen them do felony (now called high-risk) traffic stops and they usually use the door as a shield and order the suspect to either lie prone or back up to them with their hands up and kneel, so the leo can put the hand cuffs on. Why is it necessary to run up to a driver and crack him in the head with your gun?

    • Boomer

      I was surprised at the video, it was much worse than most of the dashcam stuff we’ve seen before, suggesting these LEO’s were out for a little fun at the expense of the suspect.

      Particularly troubling for me is the sequence at about 0:39 in the video when one of the officers screams out “Get on the ground!”. Falconi is already lying on the ground, and being subjected to numerous shouted commands, strikes, and eventually a taser.

      I’d say this is clear evidence of testosterone fueled pay-back at the hands of poorly trained, and poorly supervised officers.

      And, Carlos was correct, the last sentence in their press release ought to send a chill up the spine of any adult who reads it. Disgusting.

    • sfmc98

      These guys have shit training and/or supervision if they act like this. Cops are specifically trained to not do this. They actually practice chasing someone and when they surrender, mentally and physically going into another mode. One of the main reasons they do a “felony stop” is because of shit like this.

      • steveo

        This is Collier County which is the Naples area. This is one of the most expensive and wealthy areas of the country. About the most conservative places in FL. These leos will get away with it because most people in Collier County don’t go out after 9pm at night and there is very little violent or felony crime. Plus the numbers of leos per citizen is probably one to one.

  • Jan R.

    Hmmm …

    “Lewis says Falconi didn’t listen to demands to get on the ground–so drew his gun, hit Falconi in chest and pushed him to the ground.”

    All of that happened in the three seconds between Falconi parking his bike and Officer Lewis punching him in the face?

    • http://www.livecollarfree.com/ James Schipper

      The first thing the leo says to the kid is “Get your hands up motherfucker!!” and the kid instantly raises his hands as instructed.

      Half a second later, at the same instant he’s connecting with the kid and knocking him to the ground, he tells him to get on the ground.

    • steveo

      He stops the bike at .05 seconds, at .07 he’s pivoting around to get off the bike, at .08 seconds he turns around, at .09 seconds he has his hands up and at .10 seconds the leo punches him in the jaw maybe knocking him senseless.

  • viper 6227 ambulance ride

    I’d beat the fuck out of those pigs and their wife and their grandma

    • RaymondbyEllis

      Which would be every bit as criminal, more so since when did their wives or grandmothers participate? How infantile and stupid can you be? I realize the venting, but you’re just being STUPID.

  • americanexile

    You can clearly here the cop say “hands up mofo” first, and only “get on the ground mofo” after already knocking him down.

    Guy is going to get a very, very nice settlement.

  • http://www.facebook.com/665412239 Guy Daley

    In the italicized comments in the article, “To date, no member misconduct complaint has been filed in this case.” And what they don’t tell you is how difficult they make it to file a complaint. You have to have an attorney with power of attorney to do it for you or they won’t give you the time of day or they will intimidate and threaten to arrest you, until you leave. Isn’t that special?

    • RaymondbyEllis

      How dare you uncover the reality that the whole system tries to hide for the benefit of those that are the system.

      I’m beginning not only to sound like a 60s radical but to understand them, and I really hated those narcissistic bastards.

    • Alex

      On a more interesting note, I just spoke with my Doctor. He said be careful if you’re ever going to get involved in anal sex activities as you can get a girl preagnant. I said, “What?! Impossible. ” my Doc then replied, “Seriously, where do you think lawyers come from.”


  • JdL

    The scum-of-the-earth brigade strikes again. Literally! Don’t you just KNOW that when citizens start pushing back, the cops will be all, “What did we do to deserve this??”

    • RaymondbyEllis

      They aren’t scum-of-the earth, they’re people. Good, mediocre, and bad. The difference is the profession and it’s impact when mediocre or bad. The authoritarian ego is just a perk in that profession.

      • lberns

        I never give them the benefit of the doubt anymore.

    • lberns

      That’s what they did when one of their own started targeting them.

  • $67991006

    I was told by the Mayor of my town, the town hall, the Utah county Sheriff, Santaquin Police Dept. to video tape a family ( Dad a cop ) coming to my home 1/3 mile from theirs to harrass me. So I did. I recieved a stalking injunction because I video taped them infront of my home harrassing me. Dirty cop asked judge to make me take down my video camers that are now outside. Dirty cop asked Judge if he could have permission to come in front of my home. Judge said NO Not unless you want a stalking injunction against you. I have over 200 times that he has come. COPS DO NOTHING, Had a meeting with chief Howard. I secretly audio taped the whole thing. Chief Howard ADMITTED that Chad is harrassing me. They REFUSE to PROTECT me. They Refuse to protect my family. My husband has to carry a gun every time he is outside. I rarelly can find the streingth to go outside. I hide too afraid of this corrupt cop that stalks me… NO HELP FOR US…..

    • Rich

      I think you need to have a judge ordering you to stop film7ng yo6ur own property up on legal charges judges do not have immunity from being federally charged get all the evidence court document get a lawyer and contact the fbi

    • eddy

      Seems to me you should call up KSL. Sounds like a story they would do.

  • john

    the mainstream media has vecoe the enemy of the people. They are disgusting parasites

  • JeromeMac

    By the way, this is the contact page for the Collier County Sheriff’s Department, if you want to send a polite but firm statement about this: http://www.colliersheriff.org/index.aspx?page=1997

  • http://www.facebook.com/dennis.a.gaudet Dennis Allen Gaudet Jr

    florida is full fo good ol boys who cover each others asses and will lie or do whatever it takes to cover them,i know first hand how a okeechobbe county police officers son was drunk driving and killed my friends son. after the accident another officer brought him home,when no charges were filed my friend demamded answers to which she was met by an off duty cop who basically told her to get the hell out or they would kill her even pulled a gun on her ,she owned a second home there.she had to have maines attorney general get in touch with opd and they stated if she dropped any and all attempts to sue the dept she could come back. and if she did decide to sue them they werent responsible for what happened to her. true story

  • Shadow_58

    Wish those bastards would try that with me.

  • steveo

    When leos run up to a suspect like this and obviously cold cock the guy while he has his hands up, I’m not sure if they even realize that they could have knocked the guy unconscious or at least dazed enough not to be able to process what is happening. People have been killed with punches like that.

    I’ve had concussions and it is a very surreal experience. For them to pummel a defenseless, suspect after knocking him out, is beyond the pale. This “stop resisting” stuff is ridiculous and makes the leos look like a bunch of gang members. And driving a litle fast on a pocket rocket, isn’t exactly the crime of the century.

    • PhilPop


      I remember during the Rodney King trial, the police claimed King would not obey orders but they were beating the man. In that case, what is a man to do? He had not choice but to attempt to stop the blows.

  • Yogi Lee Felder


    I am not a woman, but I
    was raped physically, emotionally, mentally, psychologically, spiritly, and
    domestically abused. All around By the Florida Judicial legal system like so
    many others in this state as well as others in other states! I was put out of
    my home unrightfully, due to a lack of evidence! On Jan 23, 2012, due to the violation
    of my civil right, and human rights! I was asked to leave my home and have not
    been able to return since Jan 23.2012.

    I am an American
    disabled Veteran. I am also a Father who took on the responsibility of helping
    my 26 year old mentally challenge daughter. Who needed my support!

    When I brought my daughter into our home Oct 13.2012! This started
    a lot of animosity between me and my partner. My partner left me and my
    daughter for nine days alone in our house. The next thing I knew a domestic injunction
    was put in place for me and my mentally challenged adult daughter to leave the
    premises, and we have been homeless since Jan 23, 2012.

    The court gave no consideration to our well being or
    circumstances. Even though they received a letter from the Veterans Mental
    health! Which explained to them the importance of my daughter and I living in a
    stable environment because of our condition (physical and mental) there was no
    reconsideration enforced.

    Eight months has past! Now, On August 2012! I received a telephone
    call from Judge Ellen Master’s office of the Tenth Circuit Court of Bartow,
    Florida, along with a call from my partner’s lawyer. They both left a voice
    message wanting to know. If they could set an appointed court date for Oct 1
    2012! Concerning the property I shares
    with my partner. I assumed since no really said what the court date was for.

    However, that date did not coincide with my time frame or
    finances. Certified letters were sent to
    both parties. That explained to each due to my physical, financial, and
    emotional stress. Oct 1, 2012 date would not be convenient for my daughter and me.
    However, I have asked the courts in writing and over the phone to consider Nov
    2, 2012 rather than October 1, 2012.

    They sent me a response letter back stating a new date set for
    October 5, 2012. That stated “I had to be there court order.” I have asked the
    court to kindly reconsider November 2, 2012 again, so that both my daughter and
    I can be there. Since we both have medical appoints and treatments. Those
    appointments were interrupted by their earlier decisions to put us out on the
    streets in Orlando Florida.

    Last week I received another letter September 7, 2012 from the
    courts just Master office stating: I would have contact the opposing party, and
    I did by certified mail and have yet as of this date September 10. 2012
    received a response.


    Now please keep in mind
    I was giving a verbal choice of a date by both of their secretaries in August
    20012, of October 1, 2012. That choice was taken away by Judges Ellen Master.
    Now I am so ordered by her and the court to be present on Oct 5, 2012. Once
    again, I have asked the court again to reconsider the date of Nov 2, 2012. This
    will be better financially for my daughter and I rather than the date of
    October 5, 2012. I sent another certified letter and a fax to the clerk of
    court and the Judge Master and did not receive until the last date above back.

    Please read the
    attached form from the court! Remember I have been living on the streets with my
    mentally challenged adult daughter since Jan 23.2012. I am American Disabled
    American Veteran with my own health issues. No one was worry about a court date
    than for eight months going on nine, so why can it wait until Nov2-2012?

    Please open up the following web-site and see the other hurt souls
    around the country: http://www.petition2congress.com/1627/stop-false-allegations-domestic-violence/

    Here is a
    question for the Federal United States Supreme Court judges! When there no
    evidence and the accusers don’t show up for eight or more court dates. I though
    a case is supposed to be dismissed! If that so than what is the state of
    Florida doing abusing a mentally ill person and does off no medical treatment.
    Until after they try to prosecute a person? Case number 48-2011-CF010331-0, and
    refusing to talk with the mentally challenged adult parents? Florida Orange
    County Court downtown Orlando!

    I am looking to organize the first one
    zillion family marches it will be called the F.R.A.H.R, and it will take place
    soon at a community near you! If you are interested in put us first and
    becoming one of the biggest political power house. Please contact me so we can
    get our voice heard and take the power back in a non violent way! We will be
    the new party to listen to and they will listen, and it won’t be any more
    excuses our people get! Oh, asked yourselves r/u tired of the domestic violence
    bull? Send me a e-mail or write me on face book Yogi Lee Felder!

    Please read my letter address to the President!

    All rights are reserved by:

    Veteran Mr. Felder, Stephen


    • Jude I⚡caяiot

      Stop using the word “rape” unless you were actually sexually assaulted.

      • Lefim

        … or got sodomized by a police baton (think 2008 NYPD subway incident).

        • Jude I⚡caяiot

          That would count as sexual assault.

  • John Howard

    Ever wonder why there isn’t a cutoff switch that kills sirens when the cop car is put into park or the driver’s door is opened?
    Of course, it conveniently covers the audio from their body mics when the sirens keep blaring.

    • http://excoplawstudent.wordpress.com/ ExCop-Lawyer

      Nah, it’s because the departments are too cheap. They make them (it’s called a “Park kill switch”), but most PDs won’t spend the extra money.

  • steveo

    The only thing different here than on the below example is that the motorcycle driver didn’t try to run over one of the leos.


    this guy in naples was beaten two or three times worse than the guy in Bham, who appeared to be unconscious. And the 5 leos in on this were fired in 2008 and A Jefferson County Personnel Board hearing Tuesday (2012) leads to five fired Birmingham police officers getting their jobs back.(which amts to a five yr paid vacation.

    Barrett Dewitt, Heath Boackle, Thomas Cleveland, Kenneth Prevo and David Doran were terminated after a controversial arrest in 2008.

  • James Nimmons

    I love the BS backpedaling in the polices official statement. Anyoen with eyes can see what happened.. I used to trust cops when i was a kid. BUt ive seen way too many videos like this to ever feel safe near a cop again..

  • wtfchuck

    “Law enforcement officers are permitted to respond to resistance, whether it be verbal, passive, active or aggressive, for the safety of the public, the officer and the subject.” So for clarification, a peaceful protester could get the shit kicked out of them for sitting on the ground and not following a cops demands to vacate the premises?

  • Jayne Oertwig

    I’m not saying what these police officers did is okay. WE just don’t know the circumstances behind it. I worked for the police dept years ago and when officers went to arrest a man who had severely physically abused his children by hammering nails through their hands and each of their fingers to the floor because they didn’t obey him, the officers did everything in their power to get the man to do anything to warrant them beating the shit out of the guy for what he did to his children. I absolutely would have supported that.. sorry, but I would have. We have no clue who this guy was/is and what he had done. Police officers KNOW who the criminals are. They know their motorcycles. They know where they live. I just don’t think we should just this until we know all the facts. Maybe had we, we would all be cheering the police officers on. Had he been a child serial killer, child rapist, etc..?

    • rick

      There is no exception for police brutality, regardless of what the accused suspect did. The courts are there to determine punishment, not police.